Traps & Merchant Accessories In WizKids New Dungeon Sets

June 23, 2022 by fcostin

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Making your tabletop RPGs even easier, WizKids has announced that they will be bringing more Dungeon Dressing sets out in November, bringing a whole heap of dungeon terrain, and two releases to join the range.

Dungeon Dressings - WizKids

Dungeon Dressings // WizKids

The Dungeon Dressing range has already got a ton of different accessories to add to your campaigns. If you want to create a dank, seedy tavern or a hospitable inn by the fireplace - they have got you covered. Or if you want to create a kitchen that's bustling with rustic charm - they have got you covered! However, if you want to look at the accessory-heavy upcoming sets, the  Simple Traps and Merchant's Row sets are underway!

Although there are bare minimum pictures released for the upcoming sets, there is some information on what we can expect. The previous sets are up in their store for $52.49, so I can guess that we can expect roughly the same price for the upcoming two.

Posion Chest - Simple Traps

Poison Chest // Simple Traps

The Simple Traps Set will have heroes sweating with anticipation, Indiana Jones-style. This bundle contains all of the trappiest traps in trapdom for all of your trappy needs! If you see your DM place this out on the table, be sure that there's a Rogue in the party well equipped. Contains 25 different traps that will bring some added danger to the dungeon, with the likes of an Acid Pit Trap, Flamethrower Statues, Rolling Sphere and many more - no corner will be safe!

Covered Stall - WizKids

Covered Stall // WizKids

The second set to be released will keep the streets of your campaign teeming with adventurers, preparing for their next flight with a BBEG in the Merchant's Row set. Providing a weapons merchant to stock up, a Potions merchant to cure what ails you, plus your surrounding piggies, cows, vendor tables and much more to create a bustling small-town environment.

If you disagree with Gerry and like your dungeons' visual on the tabletop. The Simple Traps and Merchant's Row set will be released in November ready to create a whole new environment for your adventurers.

What do you think of the upcoming Dungeon Dressing sets from WizKids?  

"The Simple Traps Set will have heroes sweating with anticipation, Indiana Jones-style..."

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