Pick Up A Warhammer Halloween Adventure From Cubicle 7

October 22, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 is getting folks ready for a Warhammer-based Halloween with two new PDF adventures for you to play in both Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. We start with Hell Rides To Hallt!

Hell Rides To Hallt - Cubicle 7

Hell Rides To Hallt // Cubicle 7

This is an adventure written by Chris Handley (we know him!) and co-writer David Whitworth featuring artwork by JG O'Donoghue. It is suitable for between three-to-five players going through their first or second careers and can be played in one night.

"Only the damned and damnable fools ride out on Hexensnacht, as the turning of the year wakes the very dead, calling them up from unmarked graves and unhallowed resting places. The priests of Morr alone are safe, their lonely vigil a solitary ward against the restless dead. So which are you to set out so close to Hexensnacht: fool, damned soul, or lonesome priest? Rumour spreads throughout the land that a headless rider is claiming grim trophies, if it is indeed merely a rumour."

In typical Halloween fashion, a headless horseman is scouring the lands and you'll be driven into an adventure filled with justice, vengeance and plenty of tall tales. Whilst they have situated this adventure in the town of Hallt, you could change this to be placed anywhere within The Empire dependant on your campaign's path.

Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound - Fateful Night

As well as exploring The Old World you can also take on a spooky adventure for Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound too. Fateful Night was penned by Cat Evans and will be available soon.

Fateful Night - Cubicle 7

Fateful Night // Cubicle 7

Again, this is a spooky adventure which can be played in one night and allows the players to explore the city of Brightspear as fiendish ghouls and spirits terrorise the land.

"On the Night of Memory the people of Brightspear gather to remember those that were lost during the Necroquake. But as the Spearians mourn their dead, restless spirits rise once again to terrorise the city and claim Brightspear as their own. On this Fateful Night, the light of Brightspear may finally go out.

The city of Brightspear is overrun by spirits and wraiths as a powerful Myrmourn Banshee tries to open a gateway to the Realm of Death. The party must battle their way through streets filled with death and despair and fight their way to Domini University to end the ritual that would see Brightspear fall to ruin."

In a neat addition for this PDF, you'll also find two one-page adventures which can help you expand the scenario for play over multiple sessions. So, if you want to go further and offer up more of a mystery for the players then you have that option too.

Watch out for both of these adventures to go up on their webstore soon!

"...this is a spooky adventure which can be played in one night"

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