Two Worlds Collide With D&D 5E & Magic: The Gathering

April 28, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Some will say this has been a long time coming, others will be scratching their heads and wondering "why?" I think it was inevitable, and now it is a reality. The worlds of the RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the hugely popular card game Magic: The Gathering are colliding and now you will be able to adventure in the Plane of Zendikar!

This PDF supplement was designed with the use of the The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar along with the rules of 5th Edition D&D to come up with a playable supplement so you too can delve deep into the lands of Zendikar.

There is listings for all there races from humans to merfolk to create a character from. To add to the flavor of the land there is a bestiary that includes all the creatures along with their stats to include the dreaded Eldrazi!

Between this supplement and the  The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar book you have everything to create an amazing campaign the crosses the planes (pun intended) between D&D and Magic: The Gathering. What a smart move on Wizards of the Coast, to help cross promote between the two player bases and see if new players can be made.

I will definitely be looking to start a new D&D adventure and with the huge Magic: The Gathering fan (Dawn) we will let the worlds collide!

Smart move by Wizards of the Coast?

"Some will say this has been a long time coming..."

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