Z1 Design Keep Your D&D Dice Safe In New Boxes & Trays

July 17, 2018 by brennon

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In an era where Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games are enjoying a renaissance, it seems apt that we have lots of people producing interesting accessories that we can use to enhance our hobby. That's where companies like Z1 Design come in and their Dragon Realms project...

Dragon Realms - Z1 Design

Their recent project focuses towards producing a set of leather and wood dice trays and boxes for you to carry your well-loved polyhedron dice in when you travel between sessions.

Dice Box - Z1 Design

The sets come in an array of different designs and styles and give you space to keep your hero miniature, your dice and a few bits and bobs if you need to. For Dungeon Masters there is also the rolling tray which will be good for keeping errant dice from wandering off the tabletop.

Dice Tray - Z1 Design

I really like the designs that they have chosen here and I think they would be great for players of games like Dungeons & Dragons and of course other games like Call of Cthulu too.

As mentioned above, one of the joys of role-playing games is being able to pick up 'equipment' as it were like your characters which feel like they are personally yours. As wargamers we all have our favourite dice we bring along to games and the same can be said for players of role-playing games (maybe even more so!) so keeping your kit safe in something splendid like this is a nice step take when you are adding some bling to proceedings.

Bonus Miniature

At the time of writing this miniature was still available but it may be something you have to wait for now. However, here is The Blacksmith miniature which has been produced for the Black Hallows range which will be available in the near future.

Black Hallows Miniature - Z1 Design

It looks like the team are going to be producing a range of miniatures that you can use as NPC characters within your games if you like using miniatures when you role-play. The finish on the model looks very good and I like that they offer some different scales too.

Will you be taking a look at this project?

"...keeping your kit safe in something splendid like this is a nice step take when you are adding some bling to proceedings"

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