A Keen-Eyed Sniper & Heavy Infantry Arrive For Fallen Frontiers

December 18, 2018 by brennon

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Fallen Frontiers is expanding with a whole bunch of new releases from Scale75. It's great to see the new edition of the game getting ramped up and we're kicking things off with a character, Axl Verner.

Axl Verner - Fallen Frontiers

Now that fellow looks like an ultimate badass. He is heavily armoured and looking like he knows his stuff when it comes to taking out villains from afar. He is then supported by some more Sayx allies in the form of the Vulcans.

Vulcans - Fallen Frontiers

These are some of the heavily armoured troops that have been gifted to the different factions with this set of releases. Why have normal guns strapped to your arm when you could have gatling guns clearly! I really like the style of these miniatures although I think I would have kept them all with helmets on as I think it works better for soldiers who are going to be right in the thick of it.

Ares are not to be outdone with heavy infantry as they also have the Hyperions.

Hyperions - Fallen Frontiers

There's a lot more going on with these miniatures compared to the Vulcans which I like. Everything here hits an interesting mix of Sci-Fi themes in terms of design but the paint job is the thing that then pulls things back towards being more of a High Sci-Fi experience.

Since these miniatures are much bigger than the ones you'd normally be painting you have plenty of chances to get stuck into showing off those armoured panels. You either get some nice block colours down and make them pop OR you go wild and get stuck into some freehand. Regardless of your skill, you can still make the miniatures work nicely.

Next up we have the Hulks of the Riffs.

Hulks - Fallen Frontiers

Whilst the other heavily armoured troops have had a sense of drama about them I feel like the Riffs offerings are a little lacking. The Riffs are some of my favourite miniatures in the range because of their bestial quality but I don't think this has carried over here. They look far too relaxed!

This is one of those cases where I would have liked to see them without the masks on and instead shown off those snarling faces thudding rounds into their foes.

Last but not least we have the Behemoths of the Harvesters.

Behemoths - Fallen Frontiers

Now, these are looking awesome. I think I'd have to paint them with a lot more scars and such across their bodies though. You could imagine them wading through the bodies, gore sprayed over the boots and guns running hot.

I think you could make these creatures look terrifying with the right amount of additional effects work. The clean look is great for a studio paint job but I would want these to look like terrifying monsters born of Sci-Fi nightmares!

What do you think of the new offerings for Fallen Frontiers?

"I would want these to look like terrifying monsters born of Sci-Fi nightmares!"

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