Got Aliens? Loud Ninja Games Does!

August 27, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Loud Ninja Games

If you are on the market for 15mm alien miniatures, then this Kickstarter is for you! Eli Arndt of Loud Ninja Games, has launched The Yan'drassi Invasion- New 15mm Scifi Alien Force.

For inquiring minds, the Yan'drassi is an interstellar empire made up of dozens of species presided over by the enigmatic and unseen, Yan. While most of these species contribute to the collective through economic means, several species make their contribution through military service. The bulk of the military is made up of the diminutive Neeks and the martial Tavshar.

Loud Ninja WIP

Stretch goals will introduce the brutish Horgosi and other aspects of the Yan'drassi military.

Will these minis be battling on a galaxy on your table?

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