Buy Your Weapons From Pardulon’s Arms Dealer

November 13, 2012 by dracs

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In every post-apocalyptic game and film, be it Fallout 3 or Waterworld, there is always someone who has set up a shop to take advantage of people's needs. Well Pardulon have a new piece of terrain to replicate this mercantile enterprise. need guns? Why not pop down to the Arms Dealer's?

Pardulon - Arms Dealer

Pardulon - Arms Dealer Supplies

This terrain set provides you with everything you need to set up shop:

  • 1 Shanty
  • 3 Gun stacks
  • 2 Saw horses
  • 1 Goods display

This makes for a welcome inclusion into a post-apocalyptic game, allowing you to create new narrative game scenarios. Possibly you need to be the first to raid the shop for supplies to help you defend yourself from rabid mutants.

Who needs to take a trip to the Pardulon shop this Christmas?

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