Fight On Demolished Streets & Wrecked Ships With Dark Art

July 15, 2013 by brennon

Dark Art Miniatures have a selection of different bases for both Demolished Streets and Sci-Fi Ship Decks. See what you think of the combined packs below...

Demolished Core Base Pack

Sci-Fi Deck Core Base PackThere are a range of bases going from 25mm all the way to 40mm and 60mm and each continues the theme of the particular landscape you're hoping to evoke.

I think it's always nice to see themed bases like this as it helps to unify an army without much work on the gamers part. Anything that gets in more gaming time and less painting and crafting is good in my eyes.

We don't usually go into pricing and such but they appear to be quite good value for money too.

What do you think of these bases?

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