Gale Force 9 Present a Gothic World in Ruin Straight Out the Box

January 21, 2014 by dracs

Gale Force 9 have released some new Battlefield in a Box terrain sets, enough to build an entire Gothic world fallen into ruin.

Blasted Terrace

Ruined Fountain


Now these gothic ruins are obviously well suited for Warhammer 40k, especially with the inclusion of the craters. However, I could easily see them being used as part of an Empire of the Dead or Mordheim table.

Buried Monument

Fallen Angel

Collapsed Corner

We have said before how the Battlefield in a Box range is excellent for those lacking the time or skills to make a great looking tabletop. These terrain sets will allow you to quickly build an atmospheric setting for your battles and are ready to use as soon as they are out of the box.

Do any of you use the Battlefield in a Box terrain?

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