Head Beyond The Gates Of Antares With Rick Priestly’s New Game

December 28, 2012 by brennon

Rick Priestly has a new game on the horizon created by his new company Dark Space Corp. This game is Beyond The Gates of Antares and it's sounding pretty damn awesome...

Beyond the Gates of Antares

DSC Concept Art

This game is the first that is boasting it's a 'real-time dynamic game universe' where every battle you fight will add to the continuing background and unfolding story within the game universe. Much like during one of Games Workshop's campaigns you can log your results on the website and this will influence how things change.

Kickstarter Starter Box

Obviously with a game having such lofty ambitions a good place to start is Kickstarter and above you can see one of the rewards for the Starter Box. The actual Kickstarter will be hitting in around three days so look out for it.

The real question though is whether or not this concept will run properly! It's certainly open to a lot of exploitation if gamers wanted to do so, but I reckon if could be fun.

Are you excited for this?

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