Kromlech’s Latest Shoulder Pads Will Annoy Animal Rights No End

December 9, 2012 by dracs

Kromlech have unveiled some new shoulder pads to keep your sci-fi super soldiers warm in winter by using some furs that were just going to waste on their previous owners.

Kromlech - Sons of Thor Shoulder Pads

These lupine fur clad armour plates are labelled by Kromlech as the Sons of Thor shoulder plates. Which doesn't make much sense to me because as far as I know Thor didn't have anything to do with wolves. But when your going for a macho symbol of primal power the god of thunder is always the way to go.

The shoulder pads themselves are fairly nice sculpts and I particularly like the wolf's head one. The would be great for marking out your Space Wolf Lone Wolf and Wolf Guard miniatures from the rest of your army.

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