Mongoose Kickstart the Law in Mega City 1

September 19, 2012 by dracs

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Mongoose Publishing have been the producers of the Judge Dredd miniatures game for around about 2 years now, but with the release of the new Dredd 3D film now might be the moment for Mega City 1 to expand.

Judge Dredd Kickstarter

While the miniature rules for the Judge Dredd minis game are available to download, Mongoose Publishing are now working on bringing out a new supplement with the help of funding from Kickstarter; Block War.

Judge Dredd Block War

This will bringing a whole plethora of new things to include in your games around Mega City 1, such as new scenarios where the Judges have to deal with block wars, bringing the law to a rioting citizenry.

The supplement will also include rules for whole new factions, which will be appearing thanks to the Kickstarter funding. So expect to see new starter box sets for whole new groups such as the Brit-Cit judges and even the dreaded Dark Judges, who we are still waiting to see.

Brit Cit Judges

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Now of course it wouldn't be Kickstarter without some cool goodies to entice you into parting with your hard earned cash and Mongoose really seem to have gone all out in providing a great selection of shinies to get your mits on.

Kickstarter Council of Judges

From single miniatures, to box sets, even the chance to get your own personalised mini in the game, there's truly something for every budget range.

Are any of you fans of this game? Would you be tempted to help fund the Kickstarter campaign?

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