Orktober Stomps and Smashes Its Way In At Kromlech

October 1, 2021 by avernos

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month may have to be retired in favour of a Stompa and Blitz for being so quick, with a horde of green skin miniatures and merchandise from Kromlech to celebrate the return of Orktober!


God-Busta Megastomper // Kromlech

As a great philosopher once said "if you can make god bleed, you can kill god" and with the God-Busta, I don't only think it's a possibility I think it's a certainty. This limited edition kit is a monster in every respect topping out at 45cm tall it will dominate gaming tables, rooms, and your opponent. Taking their stomper to a whole other level for serious Ork collectors (are there any? -ed) this is one to round out your waaargh. As an added bonus to pass the time while you build it they have included a bonus classic Gunz N' Fungus CD, with their single Green Tide!

Orc Mega Clanker // Kromlech

If you are after something more restrained then perhaps I may suggest the Mega Clanker. Heavily armoured and of course armed it can hold its target down with one massive claw while firing straight into its face! A nice touch on the design is that the Klaw arm can be built in several ways by changing the position of the pistons when building it. But a hulking Orc Clanker needs to be kept in top condition, or at the very least basic working order and so...

Mech-Boss Dredsmasha // Kromlech

The Mech-Boss is a perfect way to keep grots in line and machines working, he may even find the time to build some new ones along the way. The resin model of Mech-Boss Dredsmasha comes with a choice of two swappable heads, two melee weapon options a deadly Crusher claw or his trusted axe, and two options for his right hand allowing him to pilot drones or protect himself with a chunky pistol.

Goblin Aides // Kromlech

Every orc workshop has a team of Goblin Aides to perform quick, undemanding repairs. They are also first to blame for any damages made in the process... even if the Mech Boss was overseeing everything alone. These friendly fellows are ready to lend a hand, often not figuratively, to the Mech Boss as he works away on his creations and they have that blend of whimsy and manic energy that epitomises goblin characters for me.

Snaggit & Grakzot // Kromlech

Not only has the mad Mech goblins at his beck and call but also a pair of craftily constructed drones. A Scrapdrone with a Force Field to protect him in the heat of battle and a floating Shokk Kannon to deal out some real damage to the most heavily armoured of targets. Also look how cute that Force Field Drone is 🙂

Rounding things out for the greenskins are a set of three bikers available individually or as a hunting pack. The models are crammed full of detail and barely fit on their 105x70 mm oval bases. With alternative weapon arms and a sidecar jam-packed with ammo and goblin gunners they make a terrific solo big boss to lead your speed freaks as they barrel across the table, or a terrifying squad when unleashed together.

Blitzbike Boss Squad // Kromlech

If you need to decorate your table to show that the orcs have made it their home then Kromlech have you covered once again with a set of barricades that some may say are orcy but I put it to you that no orc worthy of the name would cower behind a barricade so I shall instead call them gobliny(TM)

Orc Scrap Barricades // Bits of War

As always Kromlech has knocked it out of the park with their sculpts and the quality looks as top-notch as ever. While it is hard to pick a favourite the pogoing goblin on the jackhammer seems to be enjoying himself immensely and I think it is right up there for me. But wait there is more!

"Buy Merch" - Pundancer circa 2019 - date

Kromlech have also a host of merch for you to grab to dress you head to toe from tote bags to carry your books and dice, the magnificent God-Busta t-shirt available in a range of gamer sizes, to caps and socks! The gnaw socks are so cheesy I absolutely love them.

Gnaw Socks More Like Mawwwh Socks, Right?

With so much stuff to bask in over at Kromlech, Orktober is living up to its name once again. There are some set exclusives bundled in and the pumpkin gnaw makes a return for the month so if you're a fan you should get over and check them out, especially if you're after that Stomper as they are limited so you'll need to get your red-painted rocket skates on!


"These friendly fellows are ready to lend a hand, often not figuratively, to the Mech Boss as he works away on his creations and they have that blend of whimsy and manic energy that epitomises goblin characters for me."

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