Pardulon Get Into a Bit of a Scrap

May 13, 2013 by dracs

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Pardulon have some new scrap style terrain which, though not exactly bullet proof, can still provide with some handy shelter to dodge enemy fire.

Pardulon Scrap Walls Set

These scrap barricades can be scattered around to block line of sight and prevent those boring open spaces from becoming killing grounds. Their cobbled together appearance makes them perfect for either post-apocalypse settings or pretty much anything involving orks.

These walls are available individually, as a set or in Pardulon's new Salvager Outpost terrain set.

Pardulon Salvager Outpost Set

These new terrain pieces are ideally suited for combining with Secret Weapon's Scrap Yard terrain tiles from their kickstarter, so if any of you are getting those you might want to consider these too.

Fancy picking up Pardulon's scrap?

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