September Sees More Creepy Individuals Enter Eden

September 11, 2012 by dracs

Roll up, roll up, Taban Miniatures have started putting up previews of some new miniatures which will soon be appearing in the post-apocalyptic skirmish game of Eden!

Eden - Gang des jokers

Eden - The Resistance

Eden - Animals

This are some brilliantly vibrant miniatures, especially the ring master style guy with his flaming... I don't know. If this concept art is to be believed these are just the first in new selection of awesome miniatures.

However, these are not all that Taban are bringing to the board. To help you recreate the post-apocalyptic destruction of Eden a variety of terrain pieces are being released.

Eden - Ruined Track

Eden - Scenery Pieces

These pieces, littered around the battlefield, will help to break up those big empty patches and really create the sense of your miniatures fighting over the remnants of our past society.

Looking at the concept art, is there any miniature you are particularly excited to see? What do you think of the terrain pieces?

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