Soda Pop New Relic Knights And Reloading Super Dungeon Explore!

April 30, 2012 by brennon

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Soda Pop Miniatures are coming out with some fantastic new miniatures. Check out the two new Relic Knights below with a real anime feel to them!

Francis Mallory & Quill...

Francis Mallory & Quill

"Francis is the oldest surviving Paladin of the Shattered Sword.  At one points he was, “First” and led the order in all matters.  Upon the manifesting of Sebastian’s cypher, Rook, and eventual discovery of his Relic, Francis nobly stepped aside, giving the title of First to Sebastian.  Curiously, it was that moment that Francis’ own cypher, Quill, manifested.  The fierce avian cypher by all accounts reflected a spry knight still eager for battle.  In truth, Quill, shows Francis’ spirit truer than any words or action.  The old knight is still fit and proven in battle time and time again.  Now unburdened by the role of leadership he is given to taking up obscure quests and battles that normally the order could not spare resources for.  In this way he spreads the light of The Six Peers to even the darkest corners of the galaxy and his legend and tales of heroic deeds grow longer every day."

Leopold Magnus & Static...

Leopold Magnus & Static

"The Synod, enigmatic council which controls the Guild have taken a great interest in the Esper creatures known as cyphers and even greater interest in the constructs of war, the Relics.  Leopold is determined to unravel their mysteries and will literally stop at nothing to achieve his ends.  His cypher, Static, seems all too willing to help him out in his pursuit especially when it involves tearing apart enemy relics and severing other cypher’s connections to Esper."

But if you're not interested in these Relic Knights then how about news that finally the reprint of Super Dungeon Explore is on its way out! If you missed the first wave with this then don't get left behind this time.

Super Dungeon Explore

Check out the video above for an idea of the game and get your copy!

Will you be picking up any of this new Soda Pop stuff?

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