Spellcrow Lend a Hand to the Library Services

November 25, 2012 by dracs

Spellcrow have put up some new previews, the first of which is a set of accessories to help give your minis that learnéd look.

Spellcrow - Librarium Set

This set is a collection of Spellcrow's previously sculpted books, candles etc., which are now being released together. This means you will have everything you need to put together a master of ancient lore, be they a white bearded wizard or an armour clad Space Marine librarian.

Spellcrow have also shown off what could be the first in a new selection of ork arms. This one is well armed (hehheh, I should go into comedy) with a revolver.

Spellcrow - Ork Revolver Arm

Hopefully we should soon be seeing a greater selection of orc arms, equipped with all manner of weaponry to maim and slaughter with.

Would you guys prefer to arm yourselves with weapons or knowledge?

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