Spellcrow Mix Greenskins and Robotics Into Powerful Cyborcs!

June 13, 2013 by dracs

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Spellcrow have just added a bunch of new pieces to their store, including some Orc Bodies who look like they've had a bit of work done.

Bionic Implant Orcs

These bodies with bionic implants, which I will continually think of as cyborcs, look awesome. The middle one is particularly nice as I love how the mechanical components show through the skin. It would be like an orcy Terminator, except I doubt the orcs ever bothered to put the skin on properly.

These orcs wouldn't be the only ones with skin problems though as Spellcrow are now showing off the new heads for the Chaos Space Knights.

Chaos Space Knights

OK, while I love pestilential monsters and miniatures and I do think that these head options are well sculpted, I am starting to wish sculptors could find a more subtle way to convey someone racked with illness.

Will you build a cyborc from Spellcrow components?

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