The Widows of Warzone Resurrection Seek Retribution

April 7, 2013 by dracs

With only a week left of the kickstarter for Warzone Resurrection a group of fearsome widowed women are preparing to step into Mutant Chronicles.

Warzone Resurrection - Etoiles Mortant

"The stealthy and lightly armoured Etoiles Mortant are mistresses of infiltration and close combat. The Mortants are widows and mothers that have dedicated their life to the end of the Legion or Megacorporation that has caused their loss. These are not women you want to cross......"

I think I would agree with that. They certainly look vicious, although for an infiltration unit they certainly seem to be lugging around some incredibly large guns. Insert childish innuendo here.

It's almost your last chance to chip in to this kickstarter so head over there and join Warzone Resurrection.

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