Worthy Painting Take on the Soda Pop Miniatures Line

June 26, 2012 by brennon

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Worthy Painting are already the painting studio for Tor Gaming, but they have expanded out to the world of Soda Pop Miniatures as well! Check out their video showing off a painted Princess Malya for Relic Knights above...

Princess Malya #1

Princess Malya #2

As always it's an impressive paint job from Worthy Painting but they haven't just been painting anime mech-knights. Check out their work on Mr Tom too...

Mr Tom #1

Mr Tom #2

Plenty of subtle work on these miniatures to keep the comic book and animated feeling across the range. As well as doing all future painting for Soda Pop Miniatures they will also be going back over some of the older models and giving them a new lease of life.

What models from the Soda Pop ranges would you love to see painted up by Worthy Painting?

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