Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone Kickstarter Now Live!

April 26, 2021 by brennon

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Monster Fight Club is now live on Kickstarter with their (funded) project for Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone. Get stuck in and control the streets of the Sci-Fi Cyberpunk future as part of this miniatures skirmish game.

Cyberpunk RED Combat Zone Kickstarter - Monster Fight Club

Cyberpunk RED Combat Zone Kickstarter // Monster Fight Club

The core of the campaign revolves around getting together funds to bring that Combat Zone starter set to the tabletop. Inside, you'll find two full gangs as well as terrain and accessories that you'll need to get started with the game.

CyberpunK Red Combat Zone Core Set - Monster Fight Club

Cyberpunk Red Combat Zone Core Set // Monster Fight Club

The set comes with options for playing as the deadly Tyger Claws or the Maelstrom. The miniatures in the set are made from high-quality plastic and more often than not don't require any assembly. This means that Combat Zone is a pretty solid game for those diving in to try our wargames for the first time.

Tyger Claw Gang - Combat Zone

Tyger Claw Gang // Combat Zone

Maelstrom Gang - Combat Zone

Maelstrom Gang // Combat Zone

As you'll have noted, you also get some chunky terrain which should be enough to hide behind and then all of the other bits and bobs that you need in order to play the game. But, this core set is also supplemented by lots of other gangs too!

Gangs & Gameplay

As well as the two gangs featured above, there is also the option to pick up some miniatures from the expanded Monster Fight Club range to use in Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone. Each of them comes with their own unique set of miniatures, weapons, equipment and abilities which might draw you in.

Bozos Gang - Combat Zone

Bozos Gang // Combat Zone

When it comes to the gameplay of Combat Zone, the team behind the game have talked about the cool [Re]action system. Characters are driven by their cards which hold all of the details as to what they can do from turn to turn. They also have a set of dice featured in the top left which indicate what you roll when attempting an action.

Combat Zoners - Combat Zone

Combat Zoners // Combat Zone

As your gang members get hurt, the dice that they roll when attempting actions go down in colour with red being the worst. This is a fun system that moves away from just modifiers. Plus, I am always up for games that introduce more polyhedral dice into the mix!

Gen Red - Combat Zone

Gen Red // Combat Zone

You'll also note that Combat Zone uses the [Re]action system and that ties into the way an opponent can react to danger. When hit, the opposing player can choose for their gang member to do something in response. Your character could dart away and dive for cover or shoot/slash back, rushing at their enemy and trying to make sure they make them pay.

Lawmen - Combat Zone

Lawmen // Combat Zone

There is also a system called the Limiter added into the mix. This means that you need to consider your turns carefully and make good use of the resources available to you at each opportunity. Because of these fluid mechanics and very simple options to consider each turn, the hope is that the game becomes quick and easy to play.

As well as your one-off games, there are also options to play Combat Zone as part of a campaign. The idea of fun, linked games that start crafting a narrative for your gangs always makes things more exciting.

There will be more details on gameplay in the future so watch out for that and a chance for you to dive into their public beta program. I do like the miniatures from Monster Fight Club for Cyberpunk Red and it's neat to have a full-on skirmish game to use them for too. I can see a lot of Cyberpunk fans looking to dive in on this one.

What do you think of this campaign?

"As well as your one-off games, there are also options to play Combat Zone as part of a campaign..."

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