Diemension Games’ Beautiful Celestial Miniatures Now Available

May 16, 2018 by brennon

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Diemension Games has now opened up their webstore offering you a chance to get your hands on three of their amazing Celestial Miniatures range.

Queen Of The Void - Dimension Games

The first of these is the Queen Of The Void. All of the miniatures in the range are on the large scale, around 75mm. They are then produced in resin components for you to glue together and get painting!

Secondly, we turn to Twilight here who is very much more of a pin-up style miniature. It should be noted that while these miniatures do have this style to them the quality of the final product and the attention to detail is brilliant, they truly draw the eye.

Twilight - Dimension Games

Last but not least we have X'hydral who most assuredly is not a pin-up style model!

X'hydral - Dimension Games

It's nice that each of the models comes in their own very informative box showing off the components and also the artwork as a reference. If you're interested in seeing some industry masters paint up these models then you will want to check out the Celestial Facebook Group where you can follow their progress.

Which of these three appeals most to you?

"All of the miniatures in the range are on the large scale, around 75mm..."

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