Explore The Realm Of Death In Tempest Tome’s Cryptic Explorers

August 27, 2019 by brennon

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I like my evocative and creative art in tabletop games and this Kickstarter from Tempest Tome Games, Cryptic Explorers, really ticks that box. Come and take a look at this new project with me as your team of explorers dive into the Realm Of Death.

Cryptic Explorer - Tempest Tome Games

Cryptic Explorers is a game for two-to-four players where you play as a team of Cryptonauts who head beyond the Maw Of Thanatos and into the Realm Of Death itself in search of forbidden knowledge that might unlock the secrets of mortality and death.

The game features a vast array of different Cryptonauts allowing you to build a team built up of Mercenaries, Spellcasters, Experts, and Scientists. You will then go up against the terrifying Overlords and their control of the Goddesses Of Death, each presenting you with a different challenge as you dare to step into a realm where no mortal has set foot before.

Cryptic Explorer Gameplay - Tempest Tome Games

A lot about this game reminds me of films like Event Horizon and the dark scientific machinations of the UAC in DOOM. It also features a wonderfully evocative art style which looks like it has been scrawled by a mad man. The characters, monsters and components all have a nice graphic novel style to them which really serves to highlight the darkness present in Cryptic Explorers.

Here is a look at gameplay from Board Game Revolution...

This seems like an awesome take on the dungeon delver format and brings together a lot of cooperative gameplay elements alongside a harsh and brutal Overlord. There seems to be a nice mix of different objectives and scenarios available too giving you plenty of replay value, nevermind the thirty-two off Cryptonauts you can play as!

The Core Set

Here's what you get in the core set for the game alongside all of the different stretch goals and more which have been unlocked...

Cryptic Explorer Core Set - Tempest Tome Games

There is a lot more to delve into as part of the Kickstarter campaign including this Goddess Bust for those who like a bit of hobbying.

Goddess Bust

I'm very happy that the game doesn't feature miniatures though. I think the illustrated standees are a perfect way to present this game and keep the aesthetic feeling tight.

Make sure to check out more from the Kickstarter to find out just how much is on offer for Cryptic Explorers.

Are you tempted by this one?

"There seems to be a nice mix of different objectives and scenarios available..."

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