Forge World Calls The Hunt With White Scars Pre-Orders

May 18, 2019 by dracs

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Forge World are filling the ranks of the White Scars in the days of the Horus Heresy, as they have put up two new of these mighty hunters up for pre-order.

The Great Khan's Right Hand

Fighting on the front lines, we find the latest of the legion's Praetors.

Praetors are considered to be the mightiest warriors and leaders of a legion, and in the White Scars this often places them amongst its greatest hunters. This latest one is sculpted wielding a Chogorian warglaive and comes with two head options (helmet and helmetless).

I absolutely love this miniature. There is so much motion going on with it, which is fitting for a faction so focused on speed and aggression.

For me, I much prefer the helmetless option as it shows off the individual character of the sculpt far more.

Tear Down The Walls

Of course, it doesn't matter how mobile the force is if they come up against a brick wall. That's when the White Scars deploy their Leviathan Siege Pattern Dreadnought.

This guy is ready to punch a whole in any wall that blocks the White Scars in their hunt.

The model features loads of additional details that help to characterise the war machine, making it instantly recognisable as one of the white scars.

The White Scars are one of my favourite chapters, so I'm happy to see them getting more cool minis, especially ones like these that do hold a lot more of their character than some of the other ones I've seen recently.

What would you like to see turn up in the Horus Heresy?

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