Gamemat.Eu Take A Trip Through Their Necropolis Portal

January 26, 2019 by dracs

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Gamemat.Eu have come out with a new piece of pre-painted sci-fi terrain. Who knows what lies beyond the Necropolis Portal?

The Necropolis Portal is a large, industrial-style piece of terrain that fits in well with the oppressive, gothic sci-fi feel of games such as Warhammer 40,000, although I could see a piece such like this fitting in with settings like Blade Runner or Dune too.

It has also been designed so that it can be combined with Gamemat.Eu's conduit sets, letting it fit in more with their industrial terrain range.

As the name might suggest, the portal could make for a cool narrative centrepiece for a table, making for a cool, thematic objective to defend or attack, or constantly spewing new enemies to take on in a horde mode scenario.

I think that this is a stand-out piece from Gamemat.Eu, the bulky design making for a good line of sight blocker. There isn't much in the way of decorative flair, but that does help it to fit in more with multiple settings.

Do you make use of Gamemat.Eu's terrain? 

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