Ghouls, Meltymen & More Come To ThunderChild’s Wasteman

September 13, 2016 by brennon

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ThunderChild Miniatures have been building on their world of Wasteman with some new characters. The first of these is Prospector Pete and his good buddy H2brO...

Prospector Pete & H2br0 Bot

I love this quirky looking set where you have the old grizzled veteran who probably sells this water to passing travellers in the wasteland. Maybe H2brO even annoys the hell out of Pete with his incessant sloshing!

Following on from him we have my favourites from this bunch of releases with the Meltymen. I think these are perfect warped creatures!

Melty Men

The sculpting here is great showing their skulls beneath the radioactive material. I'd love to see someone paint these up with paint that actually glows!

Ghoulish Fiends

Finishing things off for future releases we also have some Graveyard Ghouls who look like they're ready to kill all interlopers.

Graveyard Ghouls

You can actually go and pick these up from the Ghoul webstore to use as an awesome addition to Wasteman or simply to paint up.

What do you think of their latest creations?

"I'd love to see someone paint these up with paint that actually glows!"

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