River Horse Show How Easy It Is To Put Together Their Terminators

April 2, 2015 by brennon

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River Horse, who are developing the new Terminator Miniatures Game, have put together a video above showing how easy it is to put together their new Terminators. Interestingly these go together with no glue - dry fit!


Endo Sprues

Watch the video above to see how it all goes together thanks to the workmanship of Renedra who are helping with the production. The game itself is going through the final playtesting phases as you can see below...

Terminator Playtest

...which means hopefully we'll start to see some more finalised aspects of the game and miniatures in due course. Have you been keeping a close eye on the development of this game?

You can keep tabs on how things are going over on their Facebook Group where Alessio himself posts up a lot of updates as to how things are going.

Will you be joining in when this releases?

"Interestingly these go together with no glue - dry fit!"

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