New Characters Shipping Out For West Wind’s Secrets Of The Third Reich

December 20, 2017 by brennon

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As part of their Panzer Mech Kickstarter, West Wind Productions also worked on some character models too and they've shown off the finished models for their Soviets, Americans and Germans in an update recently.

Arch Angel

It starts with Arch Angel here who looks rather awesome indeed. I love the high scarf, jaunty hat and heroic-hair. She has a very anime look about her in many regards I would suggest. You could see her being a leader people would follow.

Next up for their character selection, we have Iron Ike here. You can't fault him for his patriotism. I'm not such a fan of him as I am of Arch Angel but I like that effectively he's decided to clad himself in armour, much like the Mechs around him.

Iron Ike

Comparing him to the German character I think we get a bit more of an interesting look and design. Here we have Kriegmachine Z. Some might say that he's human but I don't think much of him is left.

Kriegmachine Z

I like the idea that the German's have taken their experimentations so far that they've managed to create these twisted soldiers - it has a very Pulpy edge to it and makes me think of Wolfenstein and Hellboy.

All of the models here fit into the world of Secrets Of The Third Reich, their expansive Weird World War range.

Which of the three would you pick?

"I love the high scarf, jaunty hat and heroic-hair..."

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