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New Shortlings Band Together From Slave 2 Gaming


Some new Shortlings have been thrown into the mix from Slave 2 Gaming, expanding their range of Goblin Factory miniatures.

Slave 2 Gaming Prepare The Shortling Army For War


Slave 2 Gaming has a new army ready for you to take to the tabletop with the Shortling Army from the Goblin Factory collection.

Slave2Gaming Rides Into Battle With A Goblin Horde


Slave2Gaming are riding into battle alongside a warhost of Goblins who have been mounted up atop some snarling wolves. If you’re interested, these have come from the Goblin Factory and they’re looking great.

The Cuddly Toys Go To War With Battle For Teddysburg From Slave2Gaming


The Battle For Teddysburg is an alternative take on Civil War wargaming from Slave2Gaming and it’s not only quite charming but looks like a lot of fun too!

Head Back To The Stone Age With Slave 2 Gaming’s Cavemen


Slave2Gaming have added some Cavemen to their collection for those looking to dive into some Stone Age wargaming.

Gather Your Merry Men With Slave 2 Gaming’s Robin Hood


Slave 2 Gaming have put together a collection of new releases for those of you who love your Medieval adventures with Robin Hood.