Play Out The American Plains Wars In 20mm With New Miniatures

June 11, 2021 by brennon

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Slave2Gaming has released their newest selection of miniatures. This time around they have dived into 20mm scale warfare and the American Plains Wars.

US Cavalry - Slave2Gaming

US Cavalry // Slave2Gaming

There are four packs of miniatures available right now which allow you to play out clashes between the US Cavalry and the Native Americans. The US Cavalry can call on their mounted miniatures to ride out into battle as outposts and towns get attacked.

Once there, the US Cavalry can dismount and take to the fighting on foot.

Dismounted US Cavalry - Slave2Gaming

Dismounted US Cavalry // Slave2Gaming

You could use these as dismounted versions of the cavalry above or you could have these soldiers defending a fort that's come under attack by the Native Americans or perhaps a bunch of bandits and outlaws!

On the other side of the conflict, you've got the rightfully pissed off Native Americans who are looking to take care of the interlopers on their land.

Mounted Native Americans - Slave2Gaming

Mounted Native Americans // Slave2Gaming

Much like the offerings for the US Cavalry, the two releases for the Native Americans feature the mounted versions and the dismounted versions for when the fighting gets thickest.

Native Americans - Slave2Gaming

Native Americans // Slave2Gaming

A nice little collection of miniatures in 20mm scale for you to use when you're taking to the battlefield. All of the miniatures are sculpted by Mike Broadbent and come in good ol' fashioned metal!

There is also a Casualty Marker pack if you're looking to litter the battlefield with the bodies of the dead too. They might make for good objective markers?

Are you tempted by this range?

"All of the miniatures are sculpted by Mike Broadbent and come in good ol' fashioned metal! "

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