Slave2Gaming Show Off Next Wave Of Ma.K 15mm Releases

January 25, 2023 by brennon

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Slave2Gaming has been showcasing some of the new releases coming to their Ma.K Collection. This set of 15mm miniatures will be coming soon and will be added to the Maschinen Krieger collection based on the SF3D board game by Kow Yokoyama.

Command Stand - Ma.K

Command Stand // Ma.K

There is a selection of new miniatures for you to choose from for the various factions in the game designed by Grand Scale Games. These are still in the work-in-progress step but they give you a good idea of the style of miniatures Slave2Gaming is aiming to add to the range.

For example, who could say no to the hulking forms of these IMA Ammo Knights?

IMA Ammo Knight - Ma.K

IMA - Ammo Knight // Ma.K

You've also got slightly more anime-looking creations like the Hund here. I love all the details that have been worked into the sculpts here with all sorts of tiny elements that make them pop. Pistons, antennae and the like all make these all the more awesome. It would be easy to make these 15mm blobs but a lot of care and attention has gone into bringing these to life.

SDR - Hund - Ma.K

SDR - Hund // Ma.K

This is just a smattering of the new 15mm miniatures that will be joining the collection. What's quite awesome is that the folks at Slave2Gaming are looking to get the wargame together to support these miniatures and you can even get involved in that process by joining their Facebook Group.

SDR Melusine - Ma.K

SDR - Melusine // Ma.K

A lot of love seems to have gone into this range and it might be fun for folks to dive into, even if they don't care about Ma.K. You could easily use these 15mm warsuits and mechs for a myriad of other games as well. If they look nice, there's no reason to make use of them!

Keep an eye on the Slave2Gaming Facebook Page to see when the next wave of releases drops.

What do you make of these new 15mm miniatures?

"You could easily use these 15mm warsuits and mechs for a myriad of other games as well..."

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