Soda Pop Reveal First Pathfinder Worldscape Heroes

August 3, 2017 by brennon

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Delving into worlds of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and beyond Soda Pop Miniatures have teamed up with Dynamite to explore Worldscape where characters like John Carter, Tarzan and Red Sonja clash.

John Carter - Warlord Of Mars

Leading the way we have the aforementioned John Carter created by Edgar Rice Burroughs alongside his companion, Tars Tarkas.

Tars Tarkas

Each of the models fits in around the 32mm range and presents you with some neat resin miniatures to paint up as collector's pieces or gaming pieces for your role-playing adventures.

A Jungle King & Warrior Warrior

As well as the models above they also showed off Tarzan...


...and the mighty Red Sonja created by Robert E. Howard for the Conan universe.

Red Sonja

All of these characters clashing together is rather awesome indeed and an interesting new take on the Pathfinder world that you might not have delved into before. You can check out the comics that inspired this line of miniatures HERE and see whether or not these characters are for you.

Have you read into Worldscape?

"Have you read into Worldscape?"

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