Pre-Orders Go Live For Atomic Mass’ Star Wars: Shatterpoint

February 2, 2023 by brennon

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Atomic Mass Games are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish wargame set in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Shatterpoint is landing later this year and has been designed to focus on the dynamic duels between heroic and villainous characters in a Saturday morning cartoon style.

Star Wars Shatterpoint Core Set - Atomic Mass Games

Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Core Set // Atomic Mass Games

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At the heart of the new game is the Core Set which comes with everything you need to get started in Shatterpoint. Inside, you'll get the forces of the Republic and the Jedi Order led by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano plus heroic Mandalorians led by Bo-Katan Kryze.

Heroes - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Heroes // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Going up against them, you have the forces of the Sith and the Separatists with Asajj Ventress battling surrounded by Battle Droids that are led by a Super Tactical Droid.

Villains - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Villains // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

You've also got Maul stepping into the mix with his very own Mandalorians that fight alongside him. This gives you a good mix of different characters for playing out the moments from The Clone Wars cartoon and beyond. You'll also note that the look and feel of the miniatures also mirror the cartoon which I think is an excellent way to differentiate them from their Star Wars: Legion counterparts.

The Core Set also comes with everything that you need to play including dice and templates plus you actually get a big chunk of terrain in there too. So, it should be quite easy to get things painted up and ready to play with on the tabletop.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Expansion Sets

As well as the Core Set, there are also two expansion sets coming out to offer up more options straight out of the gate. The first of these is "Hello There" and features Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody alongside some of his loyal (for the moment) Clone Troopers.

Hello There Squad Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

"Hello There" Squad Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

The set comes with Kenobi in his classic lightsabre pose plus Cody and his Clone Troopers getting ready to kick ass and take names. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a pretty solid fan favourite so I could imagine a lot of people immediately snapping this set up.

Obi Wan Kenobi & Commander Cody - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Commander Cody // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Going up against Kenobi, there is also a set for Count Dooku who is flanked by two IG-1oo MagnaGuards.

Twice The Pride Squad Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Twice The Pride Squad Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

You'll note that this set also comes with the deadly bounty hunter, Jango Fett. He hasn't had his head chopped off yet so you'll be able to pop a shot into a Jedi or two with his blasters. Maybe you'll change his fate and he won't be killed on the sands of the arena?

Count Dooku & Jango Fett - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Count Dooku & Jango Fett // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Again, the miniatures are rocking those Clone Wars cartoon vibes which, won't be for everyone, but I quite like it. The miniatures are also coming in around the scale that we thought they would be so you're looking at them being 40mm.

Gameplay-wise, we've still not heard much about how it all plays but it seems like the focus is on big, heroic, skirmish combat. Hopefully, we get to hear more on that before the game launches later this year.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Terrain

Finishing things off, there are two terrain sets coming out for Star Wars: Shatterpoint that will allow you to make some interesting tabletop scenarios.

High Ground Terrain Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

High Ground - Terrain Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Take Cover Terrain Pack - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Take Cover - Terrain Pack // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

It looks rather funky and I do like that they've gone tongue-in-cheek with the use of "High Ground". It will be interesting to see if this terrain is too big for use alongside Legion. I think some of the elements would be fine like the rock structures and some of the buildings.

As mentioned above, we haven't really heard much about gameplay yet but there is an Unboxing of the Core Set...

Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Unboxing

According to the team in the video, there are going to be articles explaining everything about gameplay. You'd hope that we'll see demo games and such filmed by Atomic Mass Games as well.  Could you be tempted by Star Wars: Shatterpoint or will you be waiting for more information on it in the coming months?

Drop your thoughts below...

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"Could you be tempted by Star Wars: Shatterpoint..."

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