The Old Regime Return To The Fighting In Tercio Creativo 1650

May 2, 2017 by brennon

Tercio Creativo welcomes new soldiers with an old style to them for their 1650 world. The Old Regime are settling in for a right ol' scuffle of their own or maybe alongside the Guard of Ysbilia: Domini Canis.

Praefectus Canis_Grande

First up we have the Praefectus with his mighty tome before him. The style of these miniatures always gets us interested in exploring more of the range and you can see why. They have a great look to them, packed with detail without being cluttered.

I mean, look at the expression they've got on his face with that furrowed brow. The same can be said about the second character here, Gladius who is kitted out for a more frontline role with that blade.

Gladius Dei_Grande

He also seems like quite the no-nonsense type of person, holding that head as he is. I wouldn't want to cross him! Being someone who enjoyed playing as the Empire and Witch Hunters in Mordheim I love seeing models like this with a similar aesthetic.

Next up we have a hunter in the Aquilifer here. His stance is of one on the prowl, getting low for a killing strike. He seems adept at range as well as up close thanks to the crossbow too.


Animal companions aren't normally as well detailed as their leaders but I have to say even that owl there is looking fantastic. It would be interesting to see someone go for a brighter patterned look to the robe this fellow is wearing too.

Last but not least, and on the subject of animal companions we have Sus Aries here. When it comes to getting that icon to where it needs to go why hold it when you could get your pet pig to trot into the fighting with it.

Sus Aries_Grande

Poor thing; I hope it doesn't get turned into sausages!

What do you think?

"Poor thing; I hope it doesn't get turned into sausages!"

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