4Ground Begin Battling Through New Urbes Mortis Terrain

March 25, 2019 by brennon

4Ground has now released their new Urbes Mortis Terrain for you to use when building battlefields of the far future, possibly where it's a bit grimdark.

Urbes Mortis Terrain #2 - 4Ground

The current selection of Urbes Mortis terrain offerings either give you a larger footprint or something a little more condensed. You may have seen us talking about this terrain on the website recently but it really is very cool indeed.

Some of the key features of it are the inclusion of those broken stained glass windows and the rubble that you get in the pack too. The stained glass, in particular, blew my mind and the rubble is a good way of building a narrative on the tabletop. Afterall, what good is a ruin without the remains of what was blown apart?

Urbes Mortis Terrain #1 - 4Ground

The terrain for this range also comes with a clear footprint which makes it perfect for gaming purposes and offers just enough cover to allow your soldiers to take refuge amongst it, benefiting from a bit of extra protection!

Whilst I think including this on a table-wide scale could be a bit much I think this is perfect for the centre of a table where you want to make the fighting close and brutal. It would also make sense considering those windows as this was clearly a place of some reverence once upon a time.

As with all of the 4Ground terrain, it's all pre-painted and just needs assembly!

Will you be checking this out?

"...this was clearly a place of some reverence once upon a time"

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