4Ground Tinker With New Vanguard Tactics Terrain

July 7, 2020 by brennon

4Ground have been showing off some of their new terrain which has been produced alongside the folks from Vanguard Tactics. This collection is pretty darn good for those who want to dive in and play some grimdark games perhaps like Warhammer 40,000?

Gothic Ruins #1 - 4Ground.jpg

Gothic Ruins // 4Ground

A selection of different terrain pieces are in the mix here which would be good for making iconic battlefields. They range from the rather intricate (as you can see above) with those luxurious stained glass windows to much more uniform and basic pieces which are pretty handy for making quick and easy battlefields.

Gothic Ruins #2 - 4Ground.jpg

Gothic Ruins // 4Ground

The terrain itself is very functional with it being good for blocking line of sight properly and giving you plenty of elevation too. You want something which not only looks good but gives you options when you're playing. You would just need a little bit of scatter terrain here and there to make these pop. I think some rubble, twisted ruins and such would be great.

As an example of what some of their more uniform terrain looks like we have this Arctic Military Base Set as well from 4Ground...

Arctic Military Base Set - 4Ground.jpg

Arctic Military Base Set // 4Ground

...but you can also pick up Martian, Jungle and Desert terrain which is appropriately themed and coloured to suit these surroundings. You could mount these on equally appropriate mats and then pack them full of scatter terrain to match, making them pop a little more.

Are you tempted to pick up some of this Vanguard Tactics range?

"Are you tempted to pick up some of this Vanguard Tactics range?"

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