Battle Through Winding Streets With PWork’s Darkburg Mat

March 19, 2019 by brennon

If you're looking to get stuck into battles in an urban landscape then you might want to check out PWork Wargames' Darkburg Mat.

Darkburg Mat - PWork Wargames

This is another of the older mats from the PWork Wargames collection but it offers up a good excuse to play some skirmish-style games like Kill Team for example. The street layout included on the mat would be a good indicator of where to set up lanes of fire and place objectives whilst the piles of rubble would work nicely as crumbled buildings with ruins atop them.

Darkburg Mat (Scale) - PWork Wargames

With that said, I think it would be pretty neat to maybe pick this up as one of the smaller 3x3 or 4x4 mats so you could use it for a range of different skirmish games. I think you could pack this with the terrain, building it up to create elevation and give you a sense of the absolutely decimated cityscape with the bones of old buildings reaching into the sky.

Darkburg Battles

PWork Wargames shared a few examples of what they've used the mat for in the past with a bit of Warzone being played out here as you can see.

Darkburg Play #1 - PWork Wargames

You'll notice that with a little bit of set-on terrain the rubble from the mat detail works very nicely. This is the kind of mat where you'd want to try and create some bases to potentially blend in with the terrain though I think as it can see a little abrupt otherwise!

Darkburg Play #2 - PWork Wargames

What does work with this mat is the darker tone to it all. We looked at a mat this week for Infinity which was so incredibly bright I was afraid miniatures might get lost on it. Well, the tone here is much darker meaning that your miniatures are going to look a little more poppy on top of it.

There is certainly something to be said about adding more mats to your collection, making it simple to get games underway and then packed away nicely!

What do you think of Darkburg?

"...the piles of rubble would work nicely as crumbled buildings with ruins atop them"

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