Bringing You a Land Shaped by the Hands of Cthulhu

May 6, 2011 by dracs

Cthulhuminati make their first step on the road of bringing you a world shaped by Cthulhu's mighty hand (or should that be claw? Tentacle?) with the release of their first piece of Lovecraftian terrain.

Behold the Living Icon!

I really like the level of detail on this piece and I think it might make the perfect objective marker in whatever you might be playing. Or maybe you might just want to set it in the middle of the gaming table as a tribute to Cthulhu.

Either way I will be keeping an eye on Cthulhuminati as they seem to have some rather nice projects lined up for the future.

What's the verdict guys? Fancy letting Cthulhu enter your life? If you do now is the best opportunity as Cthulhuminati have a special launch price of £10.00 running till the end of May.

BoW Sam

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