Death Ray Designs Defend Ace Strider’s Landing Terrain

July 16, 2019 by brennon

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Death Ray Designs were a company that I didn't know much about until this week when I was blown away with how cool their Strider's Landing terrain looked!

Strider's Landing Fortified Gate - Death Ray Designs

Since so many of us are diving back into Warhammer 40,000 right now, either with Kill Team, regular games or Apocalypse, this seems like a perfect set to put in your line of sight! Here you can see the bundled option for Strider's Landing but this Sci-Fi can also be purchased separately in components too.

Strider's Landing Fortified Gate Full Table - Death Ray Designs

It seems like the perfect bastion to set up on the tabletop and play a proper siege as massive armies clash for control of a port of civilian district. If you were going to break this down into individual components I think you'd certainly want the big guns to use on the tabletop as either optional scenario objectives...or simply to look epic!

You could just imagine the desperate defends of the Imperium clambering up onto the walls as the Xenos or Chaos forces surge towards the gates. Then, as in the imagery above, the Space Marines land and start pouring through the gate, trying to stop it from falling.

I really like the idea of playing an asymmetrical game with this where the defenders have limited forces compared to endless hordes on the attacker's side. The defenders then have to try and hold out for as long as possible until a predetermined time when their allies drop into battle from on high and hope to turn the tide. It would be insanely cinematic.

What do you make of their terrain?

"What do you make of their terrain?"

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