Exclusive! New Post-Apocalyptic Prison From Plast Craft Games

November 3, 2017 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have got another Color-ED exclusive for us as we show off their Post-Apocalyptic Prison which is scaled for use in the likes of The Walking Dead: All Out War and Batman for example...


The set breaks down into a few different components...

  • 1x Watchtower
  • 1x Set of fences, gate and lamppost
  • 1x Warden's office plus the wall with fenced windows
  • 1x Central inmate cells module with the stairs
  • 2x Inmate cells
  • 2x Outer cell modules (high-security cells)

You can get a closer look at some of the components below showing off some the detail that has gone into the kit.

Prison #1

The materials used in the creation of the terrain equate to PVC foam, HDF,  and Methacrylate and everything is pre-coloured so all you have to do is assemble it out of the box.

Prison #2

It's kinda hard not to get excited about the prospect of using this in scenarios surrounding the likes of The Walking Dead and Batman since they automatically focus you towards scenario-based activities.

Prison #3

The corridors and such inside the facility are looking great with gangways and plenty of cells to play around in. I think this would be fantastic for someone trying to do an escape or maybe an infiltration of the facility.

Prison #4

Maybe you could even keep things to an even smaller scale and have the courtyard out the front become a place for a royal rumble where the guards and their lackeys make the inmates fight each other and hordes of zombies for their amusement.

Anything goes in the dark future!

What do you think of the terrain?

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