Impudent Mortal’s Spaceport Rylos Tabletop Is A Hive Of Activity

December 17, 2018 by brennon

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Impudent Mortal has now released its new range of terrain for Spaceport Rylos. This 'Gateway To Paradiso' is a set of Sci-Fi terrain which includes not just buildings but also some rather awesome spaceships too.

Rylos Spaceport Full Table - Impudent Mortal

Everything on this tabletop can be snapped up either separately or as part of a larger bundle from the folks at Impudent Mortal for you to use on the tabletop. The range of hangers and such for me are some of the big winners here, offering cool locations for you to fight in.

As I mentioned above, all of the building can be picked up as and when you like. I think they would be pretty darn perfect for use in a game like Core Space. In fact, this entire tabletop makes me think of the fun you could have using this alongside some of the BattleSystems range.

Rylos Buildings - Impudent Mortal

One of the big things to take a peek at from this range is the set of Spaceships they have for you to take a peek at too.

Rylos Ships - Impudent Mortal

There are plenty of little nippy ships that you could run and hijack with your crew of miscreants as well as that massive transport vessel that you can see in the middle of the above image. I could just imagine that powering up and getting ready to evacuate with the precious cargo.

Even if you already have a lot of the larger buildings for your tabletop the Scatter Terrain is worth a punt as well I reckon.

Rylos Scatter Terrain - Impudent Mortal

Again, the major vibe I get from this is CoreSpace. I know it could be used for games like Infinity, Star Wars: Legion, Warpath and such but I there's just something about the design that really gets me in the mood to play BattleSystems skirmish game.

What do you think about the terrain and what would you pick up first?

Let us know below...

"I think they would be pretty darn perfect for use in a game like Core Space..."

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