Micro Art’s Bases Come Down with a Slight Case of Possession

April 21, 2013 by dracs

Yet more decorative bases are appearing from Micro Art Studios, with new bases appearing in two of their base ranges.

First up we have the new additions to their Possessed bases.

Micro Art Studio - Possessed Bases 1

Micro Art Studio - Possessed Bases 2

I love Micro Art's Possessed bases. With the evil faces and gaping mouths they are the perfect bases for a twisted demons force.

Micro Art have also expanded their Dark Temple bases range with some new 40x40mm scale ones.

Micro Art Studio - Dark Temple Bases

These bases do have a cool style and I would be tempted to use them as bases for my Kroxigor. The metal designs shown may not match exactly with Lizardmen, but the creepers and vines fit perfectly.

Have you ever used any of Micro Art's bases?

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