Modular Venetian Terrain Coming Soon From TTCombat

September 11, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat is keeping up the releases for Carnevale with the introduction of some new modular terrain for use in the game, recreating the streets and canals of Venice.

Modular Venice Terrain #1 - TTCombat

The terrain is designed to fit together in a range of different configurations and allow for both height and good coverage on the tabletop. Since Carnevale is a game played out on a smaller playspace it makes sense that you'd then use your terrain to create lots of height for some more dynamic gameplay moments.

Modular Venice Terrain #2 - TTCombat

There are some really nice modular elements of the terrain already planned and these would be fantastic with a bit of block colouring and perhaps a wash to add a little bit of weathering. It's nice to have buildings which look like they've been standing for a while!

Modular Venice Terrain #3 - TTCombat

There will be all sorts of terrain elements included in the new releases this weekend with gardens, sloped roofs, flat ones and plenty of archways too.

This should help make for a fantastic looking Venice packed with interesting buildings for you to leap across.

What do you make of these previews we've seen here?

"This should help make for a fantastic looking Venice..."

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