Sarissa Design Absolutely Awesome Burrows & Badgers Terrain!

August 16, 2018 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision is working with Oathsworn Miniatures on a range of awesome Burrows & Badgers themed terrain. Let's take a wander through the streets and see what awesome pieces have been created for what is, quite frankly, my favourite wargame at the moment.

The Brock's Rest Tavern - Burrows & Badgers

We start with The Brock's Rest Tavern which would be a great focal point for an adventure. As you might imagine, yes, you can get inside this building and play within the interior. I have had some ideas for a proper tavern brawl between warbands and this would be a great place to begin that.

Next up we have Highclere Hall which would be a great place for your Rogues and Freebeasts to raid if they were so inclined. You know, robbing from the rich and all that!

Highclere Hall - Burrows & Badgers

Another of the larger structures is Duntrackin' which would make a good townhouse for your creatures to fight over.

Duntrackin - Burrows & Badgers

I have so far played all of my games of Burrows & Badgers out in the wilderness but it would be awesome to see a fight take place amongst an urban environment as you're battling down alleyways and sneaking up on opponents with proper ambushes!

As well as these larger buildings the collection also offers up some smaller terrain pieces like Rumbolt's Place here which is a nice simple dwelling that you could hide away in the trees.

Rumbolt's Place - Burrows & Badgers

Matching that we also have 'Prickly' Jane's Cottage here. I think these would be nice and easy to get painted up for the tabletop. Whilst, of course, you could work on the work on the woodgrain finish for the timbers on the room I think you'd be alright with a coat of paint and a wash perhaps.

'Prickly' Jane's Cottage - Burrows & Badgers

One of my favourite buildings from the collection is Brother Mortimer's Den. It has the same look and feel as some of the other smaller buildings with the added tower section for an enterprising sniper to make his nest.

Brother Mortimer's Den - Burrows & Badgers

Some additional terrain pieces have also been included as part of the collection that helps to create that idea of a living, breathing landscape. Here we have the Covered Market.

Covered Market - Burrows & Badgers

This Market has got to be the place where you put a stack of goodies and supplies that your warband is looking to raid. You could have one side, probably the Royalists, guarding it and making sure that it leaves on carts whilst the others are surging in to steal it before it's all gone!

We also have this very characterful Well.

Well - Burrows & Badgers

You just know this needs to be included in a scenario where some treasure has been tied to the end of it and your warband has to run over and protect one of your stronger members as he hauls it out of the bottom on that rope.

I am very much sold on this terrain and might have to pick up a few of these kits for my home games!

What do you think?

"Next up we have Highclere Hall which would be a great place for your Rogues and Freebeasts to raid if they were so inclined..."

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