Sarissa Precision Purchase Dark Ops In New Venture

November 4, 2019 by brennon

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As of November 1st 2019, Sarissa Precision acquired Dark Ops and brought it under its banner. This new venture is looking to bring lots of great new terrain to the tabletop.

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Steve Perry & Richard Smith of Dark Ops said...

"We were very keen for the Dark Ops name to be taken forward in strong hands and felt that Sarissa had the same passion for creating great kits that we had. We will still have some involvement in projects and are very keen to see what the future brings. This outcome is perfect for us as it allows Dark Ops to continue to flourish and grow."

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We also had word from Steve Cummings of Sarissa Precision who said...

"It was very easy to get excited about the chance to bring Dark Ops under the Sarissa banner. We have been fans of theirs from day one and we are all excited about having the chance to bring up the Dark Ops range to more people. Initially, there will be no real change although the new year will bring a new Dark Ops website. The intention is Dark Ops to continue in it’s own right and we have a clear vision for product range expansion and where Dark Ops is headed."

So, this is an exciting new direction and hopefully, it will allow for a nice diverse range for folks to pick from. They did want to stress that there isn't going to be too much change right now but there will be a new website for Dark Ops next year and new product ranges. Plus, Sarissa Precision still want Dark Ops to feel very much like its own entity.

As I've said in the past, I really like the ships that Dark Ops make for use in wargaming and it would be great to see more like that with the added production power that Sarissa provides them.

Will you be picking up some more Dark Ops products for yourself?

"Will you be picking up some more Dark Ops products for yourself?"

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