Tabletop Art Litter The Table With Runic Stones & Oil Barrels

April 26, 2016 by dracs

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Tabletop Art have a few new terrain accessories for you to shape your tabletop, whether you want it to look like a a Nordic place of worship, or an industrial accident waiting to happen.

Erect a Rune Stone

First, Tabletop Art recently published a preview for a new set of Rune Stones that will be well suited for dark age battlefields.

Rune Stones

These are the Rune Stones Sets 1 and 2, with each set being made from resin and featuring a large and small stone, both carved with Nordic runic designs (although I am hoping some ogham could appear in the future too).

Stones like these are a great way to mark out important locations on the battlefield and could make good objectives. They rather put me in mind of some of the art you might see in Banner Saga.

Roll Out The Oil Barrels

Moving away from the splendour of ancient architecture, Tabletop Art have just released a second set of oil barrels.

Oil Barrels Set 2

All these standing stones and oil barrels, the place is starting to look like Stonehenge around the  summer solstice.

Oil barrels like these are a simple and effective way to break up open ground in skirmish level games and give a setting a bit more character. These pieces look particularly battered, you could imagine them being found in run down alleyways or around an old industrial complex.

Will you set up Tabletop Art's upcoming rune stones on your table? Or will you choose to litter it with oil barrels?

"They rather put me in mind of some of the art you might see in Banner Saga..."

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