Tabletop-Art Derails Your Game Table With New Terrain

November 20, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Tabletop-Art has created a new line (pun intended) of railroad scenery for 15mm. These new scenery pieces consists of a train engine along with derailed cars.

Wrecked Train

As you can see, these look like German armour and these pieces would fit in nicely on a table of your favorite 15mm WWII game.

Wrecked Train Cars

The sculpts are very nice and are made of resin, they can add an extra level of detail to your game. I could even see these pieces being used as an objective in the game. They are also offering different types of track pieces so you can complete  your own rail line.


I might have to jump on board with this one (get it?).

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