TTCombat Construct A Happy New Halfling Hamlet

October 8, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some new terrain for use in your Fantasy games. Considering they have their own Halfling range for you to check out they've decided to support that with some wonderful terrain for these furry-footed fellows.

Halfling Houses - TTCombat

First up we have a set of different Halfling Houses which can be used to create your own perfect little hamlet. These have a wonderful look to them which is quaint and brings forth classic imagery of Hobbits, The Shire and The Moot but with a little twist. You could almost see them as a bit more militaristic, perhaps built to house your loyal (and food-loving) soldiers.

The Halfling Barn is another good addition into the mix terrain-wise which would be a great place to try and defend.

Halfling Barn - TTCombat

I love the idea of having this take pride of place in the centre of your tabletop, the central focus for your Halfling village where they store food and animals whilst also discussing the business of the day, a bit like a town hall.

I could see this painted up in bright yellows and greens plus a lot of different earthy tones. Place lots of flowers around the base and pack trees into the surrounding area and you'd have the perfect little nook to call home...and then battle over.

Finally, we have the Windmills!

Halfling Windmill - TTCombat

These structures are great for plonking down in the fields and using as a good focal point for more fighting. If you're looking to harm a town then you'd want to destroy their options for making food so maybe a band of marauding goblins have their eyes set on these landmarks. The grain store might also be a good target for an attacking army.

This is another set of really nice looking terrain which fits the theme very nicely indeed. With a lick of paint, they'd be ready to go in no time. I shouldn't forget that there's also a set of Halfling Bridges which you can also snap up, good places for a stand against an enemy force or perhaps a place where a Troll calls home.

What do you make of these new terrain pieces?

"With a lick of paint, they'd be ready to go in no time..."

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