Explore TTCombat’s Fantasy Realm Derelict Enclave

August 16, 2019 by brennon

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Building on their Savage Domain collection, TTCombat has thrown into the mix a new preview of a kit which will no doubt be dropping this weekend. Take a peek at the Derelict Enclave.

Derelict Enclave #1 - TTCombat

This set provides you with a range of awesome looking ruins which are pretty generic (in a good way) meaning that they will fit into more or less any Fantasy setting. I know a lot of folks will be using this for Warcry but they could also work for games like Frostgrave, Rangers Of Shadow Deep and the plethora of different Fantasy skirmish games out there.

Derelict Enclave #2 - TTCombat

All of the terrain for the Savage Domain collection is modular meaning that it can plug into each other to create interesting and varied environments. You can tie this set in with lots of the other terrain kits in order to make different layouts each time you sit down to play. I love the amount of height you get as part of this kit, perfect for terrifying high-risk clashes.

As I mentioned, the Savage Domain terrain selection has expanded quite quickly from TTCombat and you can get all sorts of kits including this Palisade Walls set which dropped last week.

Palisade Walls - TTCombat

This would make for a fantastic defensive outpost somewhere in the wastelands or on the border of a wild frontier. I like that you could either build it complete and defensive or breached, ready for invaders to pour through.

Are you going to be snapping up these kits for yourself?

"Are you going to be snapping up these kits for yourself?"

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