PlastCraft Set Up An Urban Landscape For Your Next Tabletop Clash

June 8, 2017 by brennon

Building on their ColorED collection once again, the folks at PlastCraft have begun setting up a new Urban Landscape with their next set of buildings and terrain. Come and take a look...

Urban Landscape Main

As you can see they have two flavours of building for you to snap up which will either help you start to design a more suburban look in the American heartland or a busier and more bustling design for when you get into the cities themselves.

To remind you, the ColorED range features buildings which are pre-textured and coloured and all you have to do is assemble them and they're ready to go.

Safe As Houses

Looking closer at some of the house designs you'll see that they work nicely in the ColorED style. What I like is that they also now have some recessed parts to them, making them feel like more than simple facades.

Urban Landscape House #1

These buildings also show off the mix between some of the MDF elements and the regular kits. Here you'll see they have used them to create a porch and above there is a set of fencing around the outside of the front door.

Urban Landscape House #2

I think this is a great idea and while it will take a little more effort when it comes to setting up the terrain it works to fill in the gaps which might not have looked as great in the standard material.

Urban Landscape House #3

You can start to see some of their other pieces here too when you get a look at the Bus Shelter and the fencing which helps build up a perimeter around the house. I like the idea of distressing these and breaking them up a bit if you were going to design the table for a zombie apocalypse.

Urban Landscape House (Rear)

The other option for this kind of terrain is to go down the route of some 'America Invaded' plot where you have the military fighting against an invading force, be they terrestrial or alien, through the streets. I already like the sound of that using the Spectre Operations rules!

Building Bling

Adding to these buildings we've noted a few MDF kits and you can see that across more of their collection when you look at the likes of Fire Escapes...

Urban Landscape Fire Escape

...and the steps that have been added to this roof here.

Urban Landscape Roof Access

I don't know if it's my exposure to the internet but I keep having flash backs to The Room when I see those rooftops. The accessories also appear on ground level too with the Bus Shelters that I mentioned before.

Urban Landscape Bus Shelter

All of this helps to build a narrative on the tabletop and tell a bit more of a story. There's nothing worse than seeing a tabletop which is just a set of boxes for you to fight around!

A Fight At City Hall

Whether you're looking to use this larger building as City Hall or a Bank I think this would work as a nice centrepiece for your scenarios on the tabletop.

Urban Landscape City Hall #1

You could certainly have some bank robbers trying to make their getaway from her, maybe even a hostage situation on the roof?

Urban Landscape City Hall (Interior)

The roof of this building does come off so you will have plenty of space to play around inside it. With that in mind maybe you should start to pile the furniture up around it and have it as the last bastion against a zombie horde?

Urban Landscape City Hall #2

It certainly is a fantastic building and with the added plastic pieces for the windows and such, you suddenly have quite the focus for your gaming.

Of course, you now need to start planning out what kind of games you're going to be playing on this!

What do you think of this new collection?

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